2018 Summer Schedule

You can now register for the Summer Session! 

The Summer Session 2018 runs 5 weeks July 9th- August 9th


JA-Jenna Antoncecchi
AD-Abbie Dougherty
DN-Dawn Marie Nee
SH-Sheena Harper
LK-Lilly Kallinich 

*Studio Gowan is named after my always supportive Family
*Studio Merrill is named after first and greatest Dance Teacher Irene Merrill  





Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

Ballet 1 4:45-5:15pm-DN- 5 spots

Hip Hop 1/Boy's 5:15-5:45pm-DN- 5 spots

Studio Merrill (Upstairs)  

Ballet 10 6:30-800pm-AD- Full

Lyrical 10 8:00-9:00pm-AD- Full



Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

PreBallet 4:45-5:15pm-JA- 5 spots

Ballet 2 5:15-6:00pm-JA- 8 spots

Hip Hop 2 6:00-6:30pm- JA- 8 spots


Studio Merrill (Upstairs)

Ballet 9 6:30-8:00pm-JA- 9 spots
Lyrical 9 8:00-9:00pm-JA- 9 spots






Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

Ballet 3 5:00-6:00pm-JA- 9 spots 

Hip Hop 3 6:00-6:45pm-JA- 9 spots

Ballet 5 6:45-8:00pm-JA- 9 spots
Hip Hop 5 8:00-8:45pm-JA- 8 spots


 Studio Merrill (Upstairs)

Ballet 8 4:15-5:45pm-AD- Full

Lyrical 8 5:45-6:45pm-AD- Full

Ballet 9,10 7:30-9:00pm-TBA- open

Studio Gowan (Downstairs)



Studio Merrill (Upstairs)

Hip Hop 6 5:15-6:00pm-DN- 9 spots

Ballet 6 6:00-7:15pm-AD- 5 spots

Lyrical 6 7:15-8:00-AD- 9 spots




Summer Ballet Intensive with Nutcracker Variations and Student Choreography 2018
Price $250

These Intensives are for serious Ballet Students who want to improve their ballet and pointe technique. Nutcracker variations will be taught and an audition will be held at the end of the week (Ballet 8,9,10). Students will also Choreograph their own solo which they will perform for friends and family at an in studio performance at the end of the week.

August 13th-17th
Ballet 6 1:00pm-5:00pm
Ballet 10 5:00pm-9:00pm
August 20th-24th
Ballet 8 1:00pm-5:00pm
Ballet 9 5:00pm-9:00pm