Fall Schedule 2017

Enrollment for the Fall Session is closed for most classes. It is still open for PreBallet, Ballet 1, Hip Hop 1, Boy's Class and the Adult Classes. The Winter Session starts in January, enrollment will open again in December. 


SH-Sheena Harper
JA-Jenna Antoncecchi
DMN-Dawn Marie Nee
SG-Samantha Gendreau 


*Studio Gowan is named after my always supportive Family
*Studio Merrill is named after first and greatest Dance Teacher Irene Merrill  





Studio Gowan (Downstairs) 

Pre Ballet 4:15-4:45pm-SH- 2 spots left
Hip Hop 3 4:45-5:30pm-DMN-1 spot left
Ballet 3 5:30-6:30pm-DMN-Full
Adult Ballet 6:30-7:30pm-SG-open
Adult Lyrical 7:30-8:30pm-SG-open


Studio Merrill (Upstairs)  

Hip Hop 4 4:45-5:30pm-SH-Full
Ballet 4 5:30- 6:30pm-SH- Full
Ballet 10 6:30-8:00pm-SH- Full
Lyrical 10 8:00-9:00pm-SH- Full

Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

Hip Hop 2 5:15-5:45pm-DMN-1 spot left
Ballet 2 5:45-6:30pm-DMN- Full
Hip Hop 6/7 6:30-7:15pm-DMN-Full

Studio Merrill (Upstairs)

Ballet 8 6:30-8:00pm-SH-Full
Lyrical 8 8:00-9:00pm-SH-Full






Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

PreBallet 4:30-5:00pm-JA-Full
Hip Hop 1 5:00-5:30pm-JA-3 spots left
Ballet 1 5:30-6:15pm-JA-2 spots left
Ballet 5 6:15-7:30pm-JA-Full
Hip Hop 5 7:30-8:15pm-JA-Full


 Studio Merrill (Upstairs)

Ballet 6 4:30-5:45pm-SH-Full
Lyrical 6 5:45-6:30pm-SH-Full
Hip Hop 8,9,10 6:30-7:30pm- SH-open
Ballet 9,10 7:30-9:00pm-SH-open

Studio Gowan (Downstairs)

Boy's 4:45-5:15pm-JA-4 spots left
Hip Hop 2
 5:15-5:45pm-JA-1 spot left
Ballet 2 5:45-6:30pm-JA-Full
Ballet 7 6:30-8:00pm-JA-Full
Lyrical 7 8:00-9:00pm-JA-Full


Studio Merrill (Upstairs)

Ballet 9 4:30-6:00pm-SH-Full
Lyrical 9 6:00-7:00pm-SH- Full
Ballet 8,10 7:00-9:00pm-SH- Full